Aedan sometimes eats some weird stuff like his dry top ramen.


Got to love kids, after the carpet was dry and we moved the couches Aedan moved some of his toys back into the living room.


Its was too cold outside to do anything and we was a little bored so there was nothing to do but listen to some 90's music and clean the carpet.


Our poor little kitten, we think she has brain damage from a lake of oxygen at birth. But she is doing so much better eating good and playing around with her other sister.


I got Aedan some milk and i was joking around and told him it was cat milk he gave me a nasty face then i said it was cow milk and he gave me a nasty face again i asked him where he thinks milk came from and he said "from the factory" he made me lol all day.


Joe got his truck hitch today and could not wait until the weekend to put it on.Now when we move to NC we can tow the car.


All day i was stuck on my couch watching cartoons and being sick, i hate being sick and cant do anything, Thank god Joe came home from work early to take care of Aedan and me.